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Happy New Year and a new blog

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your first new year’s dream will be a pleasant one

Happy New Year

If you’re reading this, something went right. Woohoo! Whelp, My name is badger11 and I like long walks on the beach or in the rain. But not at the same time. Oh, wait, wrong site. Except for the name. I’m migrating over from my blog to be a part of the Animeblogger community (I read most of the blogs here, so I might as join y’all, right?). I’ve cut my anime teeth on shows like Speed Racer, Starblazers (yeah I know, its Space Battleship Yamato), G-Force (I know, I know, its Gatchaman), Robotech, and the Gundam shows ( hey, those were the names of the shows as I watched them. Yes, I’m thirty*cough*something*cough* years old).

Anime has always been something I’ve watched and been aware of, watching a show or two here and there, but it wasn’t until last year that I really become more interested in it. My tastes in anime resemble my writing skills: all over the place. Maybe they’ll improve (my tastes and writing skills), maybe not. As for my take on anime, I intend to make it as obtuse as possible. I doubt that I’ll contribute anything worth while to the anime blog community in general (other than causing a few people to wince and head shakes) but I’m doing this for fun. In the end, isn’t that what’s it all about? ;)

I’d like to thank Maestro for setting things up and letting me join the Animeblogger community. I’ll try not to make noise (other than the occasional night-terror shriek)


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

I had to include this just because I really liked it…and Suiseiseki is my favorite…desu


Stoic Sword-weilding Superheroines, Part 1 - Fate/stay night

Fate stay night Saber

I haven’t seen this show so I recently picked up the DVD. The only volume out now has the first four episodes (obviously). Despite the name of the show (Fate/stay night? What the hell?), I liked what I’ve seen so far. It centers on Nobel Peace Prize future recipient (not really) Shiro Emiya. A high schooler who gets involved in some life-death contest with magicians for the Holy Grail. One of these is magicians, a fellow high schooler, Rin winds up helping Shiro understand what’s going on. there are seven magicians who fight for the Grail and they each have a “servant” who fights for them. Each of these servants comes from a special class of fighters (why do I get the feeling that I’ll be watching an anime with card battles?).

As luck (and the plot) would have it, Shiro sees Rin and her Archer servant fighting a Lancer servant. They notice Shiro and break of the fight to go kill Shiro. Its a rule to leave no witnesses behind. As the Lancer is about to skewer Shiro, there’s a flash of light and a blonde servant appears and fights off Lancer then Rin’s Archer. This new servant realizes that Shiro, despite having some weak magical skills that allow him to fix things, isn’t a magician. But somehow he summoned her and they’ve now got a bond. She tells him that her class and name are Saber. Rin shows up and takes them to a priest who is the referee of this Holy Grail war. By the fourth episode, both Saber and Shiro are both injured but decide to fight on in order to win the Grail. Both have their own reasons: Shiro is fighting because 10 years earlier, as he finds out, there was another war for the Grail that wound up destroying part of the city and took the lives of his parents. The man who adopted him was a magician who apparently took part in this war. Saber is fighting for her own reasons, but they aren’t made clear.

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Coffee break is over - soon


That’s the decaf right? I won’t be able to get any sleep if its not decaf. Now, are you really sure that’s the decaf?

Alrighty then, my apologies to the spam bots (and to the occasional human who visited) for not posting very much. I’ve got a backlog of sorts, but I managed to keep up and make some comments on other anime blogs. Life got (and still is) in the way, ya know. Yare yare.

I’m planning on doing a post or two sometime after Friday (and hopefully before Christmas but next week is more likely) covering the Shakugan no Shana and Fate/Stay Night DVDs that I picked up recently. What is it about stoic superheroes with swords that I find so damn appealing? And damned if I didn’y cry like a kid who had his ice cream drop onto a sidewalk when Makoto left.

Oh, and if Haruhi really is getting licensed over here in North America…woohoo! I’ll take whatever I can get.


Haruhi and the SOS Brigade landing on North American shores?

Found this website from links over at Anime on My Mind and Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say in what form. Could it be the DVDs, some station/network is airing the show, or the novels are being released.

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