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Happiness EP 1

Happiness is on my watch list because a high school comedy romance seemed like a nice choice after some summer shows that ate my soul *cough* StrawberryPanic *cough* and dissapointing Fall shows *cough* CodeGeass: LelouchoftheZzzzzz…snort *cough*…huh? Umm, yeah, okay. And besides, with a title of Happiness, how can you not feel …happy. The show opens up with (yet another character named) Haruhi, a magic student at Hogwarts…a school were the magical students are separated from the regular students (Yeah, I know, its not an original joke. But who comes here for the jokes anyway? The bots sure don’t. ;) ) Haruhi is demonstrating her powers in class. After class, she and her friend/rival(?), Anri are walking down a hall, being observed from a window in the regular students building. Watching them walk are Hachi, Jun, and the male lead, Yuumi.

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The next Haruhi is buying St. Valentine chocolates to give to Yuumi as its implied that he saved her from bully’s when they were little children with, interestingly enough, magic. Anri is also buying chocolates because she thinks that this is how Haruhi become popular. Hauhi has a stash of St. Valentine’s day chocolates, presumably for Yuumi, that she’s failed to give in the past. Jun is buying also buying chocolates and dragged Yuumi and Hachi along. while their friends are shopping, both Haruhi and Yuumi decide to go outside and wait for them They both come to a park and see some boys bullying a little girl. Yuumi talks to them, but they don’t listen and break the little girl’s box of chocolates. Haruhi uses magic to fix it.

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Haruhi and Yuumi are about to talk when Jun and Hachi show up. As Yuumi, Jun, and Hachi are walking away, it gets revealed that Jun, despite looking and sounding like a girl, is actually a guy dressed up as a girl because the clothes fit so well. haruhi goes home, saddened because she still didn’t give Yuumi her box of chocolates as a St. Valentine’s Day gift. The next day, Anri is demanding to know how the chocolates are for. She uses magic spells against Hauhi who dodges the attacks. Anri loses control of the spell and it breaks through a window. At this momemnt, Yuumi, Jun, and Hachi are walking by the building when the magic spell blows up a patch of the ground in front of Yuumi. Harhui runs out to see if he’s okay. As the two groups part, Haruhi manages to give Yuumi her box of chocolates. When Haruhi and Anri get to their dorm, Anri makes a joke about how great things would be if both schools were merged together.

Later that night, Yuumi is watching TV when a news report announces that the magic section of the school has burnt down in a mysterious fire. The next day, the magic school students are transferred to the regular school. As Haruhi and Anri are walking to their new class, Anri denies having anything to do with the fire. When they reach the room, Haruhi sees that Yuumi is in the same class.

Not a bad episode, but nothing really that stays with you. I expect some funny moments from the show. I hope they keep doing the will-they-won’t-they routine. The novelty of Jun, a boy who looks, dresses and sounds like a girl will wear off fast. Its the kind of show that I’d eat popcorn with.

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