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Lucky Star 12


I felt that way with my first Star Trek convention. Some of those folks make Haruhi fans look tame.

This episode went from good to bad to thankfully really enjoyable. As funny as he is, I’m getting tired of Konata’s dad (but he’s not what I’m talking about at all). Maybe I’m seeing some shadow of myself, you know that whole “projection” thing that psychologists sometimes talk about. It’d be great to see him and Kagami and Tsukasa’s dad hang out. The whole convention segment was great, but having the same actor voice the extras sort of dampened the enjoyment factor. Thankfully Tsukasa’s predictable first-timer eagerness was pretty adorable. And then we came to the scene that killed the mood for me.


Poor thing, she must know we’re coming to the worst part of the show.


Oh look, here it is.

I’ve complained that Akira and the Lucky Channel, as funny as these segments are, take time away from the main characters (more Miyuki and I mean now KyoAni). Lucky Channel really needs to be spun off. But the segment with Gamers’ (?) store staff was down right unfunny. I went from having a good time to fast forwarding just to get through this part. Now I know how the people who hated the eating discussion in the first episode felt. It was funny to see the store staff in action in episode 10, but man, they forgot the funny in this part. Not even having the actor who voiced Kyon/Yuuichi made up for this. They’d better have the actress who voiced Kanon’s Nayuki in the next episode to make me forget this scene. And she needs to be singing “ichigo jammu”. Come to think of it, there’s only been one Kanon reference that I can recall. Shouldn’t there be more? Maybe Ayu’s winged backpack, some unidentifiable yellow jammu, maybe a taiyaki or a few “Ugu’s”.


I’d forgotten that Kagami and Tuskasa had older sisters. Thanks Zyl.
Let’s see more of them

Thankfully the whole temple scene was the strongest part of the show. I thought it was nice story background development when Kagami mentions that the turnout of the crowd was big, despite the family’s temple not being well-known. I had a great time laughing when Konata turned her bad luck fortune completely around by thinking of it as set to collect. They needed Miyuki there too. Overall, it was a good episode. Not the strongest, but funny enough with the enjoyable parts of the convention segment and sreiously rescued by the temple segment.


Eeepp, matching hairpieces. Too cute. Wait for it, wait for it…


And there it is, right on the money. I couldn’t agree any more.


Sad to say, but I think I would go for that reason alone.


Obligatory Kagami picture

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  1. Mirrinus July 1st, 2007 9:40 pm

    Actually, I totally loved the Tomokazu vs. Tomokazu scene for the delicious irony. That was probably one of my favorite scenes in the show thus far.

    And shame on you for not noticing the Kanon posters in this episode. You didn’t notice Ayu and Nayuki on the wall behind Chihara Minori’s cameo at around 10:46-ish? But if you insist on more Kanon references…Konata does grow wings and say “uguu” in episode 13.

  2. Vallen Chaos Valiant July 2nd, 2007 1:23 am

    You want your wings and Ugu in Lucky Star?

    you don’t have long to wait… :P

  3. badger11 July 2nd, 2007 5:21 pm

    @Mirrinus, That scene just didn’t do it for me at all. Oh well. And that was bad that I didn’t pick up on the posters. I have no excuse for that :(

    @All, Konata wearing Ayu’s wings and “Uguu” should be funny to watch

  4. j.valdez July 6th, 2007 10:27 am

    > Oh look, here it is.

    Are you kidding? I think they need more of those guys fighting. I don’t know if the Lucky Channel can be spun off, but it would be interesting.

    Here’s the pitch: “A show about a loli that has hit the bottom of her career, but doesn’t know it.”

  5. badger11 July 6th, 2007 6:53 pm

    I think that Lucky Channel would be a great on if they did like HBO’s “Extras”. A behind the scenes type show following failed anime actors/character like your pitch would be be fun to watch.