badger11’s take on anime


A badger’s take on anime…and some other things…probably. Why? Even badgers need to be entertained.

Oh no! It has a blog.

No, I’m not really a badger. I just have the attitude of one.

You must be bored if you’ve come to this page. I’ve migrated from my blog to be a part of the Animeblogger community (hey, I read most of the blogs here, so I might as join y’all, right?). I’ve cut my anime teeth on shows like Speed Racer, Starblazers (yeah I know, its Space Battleship Yamato), G-Force (I know, I know, its Gatchaman), Robotech, and the Gundam shows ( hey, those were the names of the shows as I watched them. Yes, I’m thirty*cough*something*cough* years old).

I’ve always watched an anime show or two here and there, but wasn’t until last year that my interest grew to where it is. Even before last year, anime has been I’ve enjoyed. It was watching Akira way back when (and in different mind sets) that really showed me that anime could be more than just afternoon/morning shows.

My tastes in anime resemble my writing skills: all over the place. Maybe they’ll improve (my tastes and writing skills), maybe not. As for my take on anime, I intend to make it as obtuse as possible. I doubt that I’ll contribute anything worth while (expect a lot of pretentious claptrap or worse) to the anime blog community in general but I’m doing this for fun. In the end, isn’t that what’s it all about?

I would like to offer a big “Thank you” to Maestro for letting me join Animeblogger and say a big “Howdy” to the Animeblogger community.

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