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Manabi Straight! - Achieving the goal

Well, this show was a surprisingly enjoyable one. More humorous than laugh out loud funny, it was a very well done show. It shouldn’t be surprising, really. All of the characters are likable. Even the secondary charaacters like Takako, the slacker teacher and the school’s principal. I think this easily ranks up there as one of my favorites and one that I gets licensed over here.

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Manabi Straight! - Achieving your goals?!

The band

I’m glad that I’ve waited to basically marathon episodes six though nine of Manabi. Had I watched them one at a time as they were released, I know that my take would have been different on each episode, basically looking at the tree and not the forest. Its still an enjoyable show and the temptation to compare it to Azumanga Daioh and, now, Lucky Star is there. But each of these shows are different. With Azumanga Daioh, I picked up on feelings of nostalgia, I’m not sure what the outcome is with Lucky Star (Kagami rules - yes, even more so than Konata, but just barely. Twin tails ftw).

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Manabi Straight! Ep 5

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Great montage music in this episode, but I’m surprised that in some ways this show does actually rely on the manic energy of Manabi. While I liked what I saw of Mikan and Mei getting closer as friends, I’d call this more of a filler episode. I enjoyed the music more than the actual story. I blame Nodame Cantabile.

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Manabi Straight! Ep 3 and 4

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Manabi pulls a Haruhi on Mei

From episode 4
Funniest lines so far:
Muuchi: Fugusashi!
Mikan: You need a license to process Fugu.
Mikan: The little people came out while we were sleeping-
Muuchi: Sure (slap)

picture 2

I don’t know why episode 4 struck me as having the funniest lines so far (well, those that I can remember) despite the issues that Mei faced. I think it must be Muuchi’s enthusiasm to inflict a potential deadly food choice on her classmates followed by Mikan’s straight delivery. Or maybe it was Manabi’s imitation of Thumper on too much caffeine. I really lost it with Mikan’s enthusiastic belief that the “little people” finished their promotion. Its probably the enthusiasm from the characters that is causing me to enjoy this show with each new episode. And I like the the facial distortions in these last two episodes.

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Manabi Straight!

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I wanted to watch this show because I wanted a light and fluffy show (I thought I had it in Shuffle! Memories, but noooo, they had to bring in a razor blade and more). But I thought this was a 100% loli show and I just wasn’t really interested in that. Until I read Impz’s post. So they’re in high school and I guess the loli-like appearance is just a character design. I need a few more episodes to decide if I want to continue.
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