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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 26

So this final episode starts off with Rena tricking the teacher and then tying all of the students, except for Keiichi as she considers him on her side. In a phone call to the poice outside, she still thinks that Oishi is still working with her. She sends Keiichi out with Takono’s remaining notebooks and demands that an investigation on Sonozaki family starts or a bomb will go off. Once Keiichi returns, he finds her pouring gasoline in the classroom

Its good to have a back-up plan in place, just in case.

When Keiich was handing over Takono’s notebooks to Oishi, he was given a small, two-way ear pice. While Oishi distracts Rena on the phone, Keichi hears from another police officer about the time bomb. Coming up with an excusem Keiichi heads off and starts searching for the bomb. He finds something in a storeroom only to get cornered by Rena. Surprisingly, Rika saves the day allowing him to escape and find the bomb with Satoko’s help.

Ni-paa Power Strike!

Keiichi gets onto the roof and manages to stop on the bomb in time. Rena pops up again. During a bat against hatchet fight, Rena goes on about Keiichi betraying her and allowing the alien parasites to take over humanity.

Keiichi taunts Rena, using their club’s punishment game. If Keiichi wins, Rena will become his maid and wear some sort of maid outfit. If he loses, he’ll believe her. Rena adds in that if she wins, she still gets to wear the maid outfit…Ummm…oookay.

Hey look! She finally made it through a story arc!

Eventually things come to a head with Rena getting the upper hand. She suceeds where Keiichi failed in earlier arcs. In the first arc, Keiichi bludgeons Mion and Rena, despite their efforts to help him. Here, Rena manages to go avoid going that far. She breaks through whatever paranoia that she’s in and its over.

Yep, still alive

This series, I think, started off pretty good, but then just really failed to maintain. I liked the supernatural aspect of it and really wished they stuck with it more than they did. I really could’ve done without the story arc where Keiichi goes after Satoko’s uncle. It felt like they were trying to do something similar to Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart and wound up doing CSI Law & Order: Special Over Acting Unit.

While I liked this show, it wasn’t one that I’d recommend with enthusiasm. But it was good enough for me to keep watching it (obviously). As I said earlier, I really think that if they stuck with the supernatural theme more than they did, it would’ve been a lot more enjoyable.

I still would like to know about Oyashiro-sama, the dam murder, the grey suited guys in the van, Takono and her intentions, the drug, etc. Hopefully, there’ll be a second season or at least an OVA or two (preferably two). Overall, good show, but not a great one.

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