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Another Haruhi Suzumiya DVD review thingy


Alright, I succumbed and ordered the collector’s edition of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Once you get past the brain cell killing fumes that escape when you open the box (after comparing those fumes to that of a Sharpie, I prefer the Sharpie), it’s just like what you’d expect of a collector’s box. Lot’s of images covering the box, a little bit of a struggle to get the CD out of it’s own box and the DVD itself was fine. Haruhi’s headband was promptly discarded and promptly chewed upon by a cat.

Surprisingly, it was one of the extras on the DVD that annoyed me. Under the “Extras”, there’s a “making of Haruhi”. When I see something that says “Making of…” I naturally assume that it is the behind the scenes making of the actual show, movie, etc. In this case, it wasn’t. It was the behind the scenes making of the TV commercials with Aya Hirano. For some reason, this just annoyed me. If they had said that it was the making of the commercial, then I would’ve been fine. I still would’ve watched it anyway, because Aya is cute and I like watching the making of movies and shows. I know, it’s a minor point. I’m probably just looking to complain about something other than the voice work.

I received the DVD shortly after the release date and when I watched it, I kept making notes comparing the dub to the original. Until I was told to stop and just watch the “damn” DVD. I’ve watched the whole subbed portion a few times over the last few weeks and I’m glad to say that the lists basically shrank down to a few items. I liked the added scenes that pop here and there. I think they added a bit more to the show. As for the voice acting, it’s reversed itself since the first time I watched it. Part of the problem is that there will always be a running comparison the the Japanese version. Oh well.

At first, I thought that Mikuru was cast the best, but now I don’t think so. The high voice is there, but it just doesn’t sound natural to me. Even when I don’t compare it to the Japanese version, it just doesn’t do it for me. Koizumi’s voice, is fine in a neutral sort of way. So in that regards, it’s probably the best cast voice out of all of our favorite band of merry mayhem makers. Actually, I think Nagato was cast the best. The voice is as emotionless as it should be.

In terms of emotions, Kyon’s casting is good, but for me it isn’t as sarcastic edge as I’d prefer. And it seemed a bit to polished for an average high schooler. And that’s the same complaint that I have for Haruhi. There energy is there, but the bored-with-life-and-impatient-for-things-to-happen edge isn’t there. From reading the translations and watching the dubbed version, the two main characters seem to be missing an edge that two disaffected teenagers need. Kyon’s has that weariness that I got from reading the translations and watching the Japanese version. And Haruhi has the energetic dedication. Despite the missing edge that Haruhi and Kyon need, the casting is good, just not 100%. I am, however, glad that Haruhi Suzumiya has finally been released on DVD and I’ll probably buy the collector’s edition of remaining releases because that’s just who I am.

Of course, the great thing about all this is, I’m just some pontificating twit with a blog :)

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  1. zenical June 18th, 2007 3:13 am

    well, good job on getting that dvd you wanted. I hope its what you really want. for me i can’t get all i want because i love too much!! thanks for linking me up! xD will check back here frequently yeah? haha. Im doing other animes etc so be sure to check mine too. xD

    dvd cost really ex. but being the law as it is, and otakus, we have to fork out the cash and get what we want.

    you go man! get that Haruhi Collector’s Edition ^^ xD

  2. badger11 June 18th, 2007 5:16 pm

    Yeah, DVDs can get pricey, but I do want to support the industry, so when I can I buy ‘em

  3. Otaku Surf June 22nd, 2007 11:51 am

    A friend of mine lent me his dvd of Haruhi and I couldn’t watch past ten minutes of the dub. I don’t normally purchase dvds of anime that I’ve already seen, but this collector’s edition looks pretty nice with everything that’s included and I might have to pick this one up.

  4. badger11 June 22nd, 2007 5:12 pm

    I always watch the dub when I buy a DVD. Sometimes, it’s painful to watch. After the first run through I usually go back to the Japanese version. But some dubs like the ones for Patlabor I like.

  5. Danny Choo June 24th, 2007 5:32 pm

    The game is coming out for the PSP soon too. On your buy list?

    Me no have PSP.

  6. badger11 June 24th, 2007 9:16 pm

    Sadly my PSP was the unwilling participant of an unplanned impact dynamics physic experiment involving another expensive (albeit outdated) piece of computational equipment.

  7. becca February 9th, 2008 5:37 pm

    where did you buy this?