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Manabi Straight! Ep 5

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Great montage music in this episode, but I’m surprised that in some ways this show does actually rely on the manic energy of Manabi. While I liked what I saw of Mikan and Mei getting closer as friends, I’d call this more of a filler episode. I enjoyed the music more than the actual story. I blame Nodame Cantabile.

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There is a little character development of Mikan as we see that even during classes, she is a bit of a slacker. Yet, there is a nice element about how difficult it is to actually initiate based on perceptions. Mei is seen by her classmates as standoffish. It isn’t until Mikan starts a conversation after class with Mei that their classmates bombard Mikan with questions about Mei. I had a flashback to The Melancholy of Haruhi where Kyon gets into a conversation with Haruhi. And yes, I’m aware of the connection between the Mei and Haruhi. They’re both played by Wendee Lee. ;)

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Apparently in the future along with holographic displays, paper is still around.

I liked the ominous hint that there are some teachers who disapprove of how Manabi and the Student Council are setting up the school fair. Despite the anti-Manabi faction, its nice to their instructor, Shimoji(?), appear to be on their side. In truth, I think its too early to count him on their side though that’s seems to be what usually happens. But he’s right in that every project needs a project document and a School Fair is no exception. Though based on the title of the project proposal, I still think its vague.

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Mikan seems to have some anger issues

Speaking of vague, did I blink and miss most of Momo’s air time. I had a good laugh when she was visiting Manabi in the hospital wearing the custom anti-contamination suit. Hopefully she’ll get an episode dedicated to her, but I doubt it. Her kind of character doesn’t seem like the type slated for more development. What I really liked about this episode, besides Momo’s scene, is the music that played over the scenes of Mei and Mikan researching the school fair proposal. It actually had me tapping my fingers. Hopefully one of the next episodes will be dedicated to Momo.

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