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Volume 2 Haruhi Suzumiya DVD review thingy


Rozen Maiden DVD Vol 1 review thingy


On instinct, I picked up a copy of the first volume of Rozen Maiden, covering the first four episodes. I’d forgotten that this was actually a really good show and that I liked the background music in this show. And that I actually liked Hinaichigo, though my favorite dolls are still Shinku, Suigintou, and Suiseiseki… I can’t believe I actually admitted that (Gaaaa, flashback to childhood).

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Lucky Star 12


I felt that way with my first Star Trek convention. Some of those folks make Haruhi fans look tame.

This episode went from good to bad to thankfully really enjoyable. As funny as he is, I’m getting tired of Konata’s dad (but he’s not what I’m talking about at all). Maybe I’m seeing some shadow of myself, you know that whole “projection” thing that psychologists sometimes talk about. It’d be great to see him and Kagami and Tsukasa’s dad hang out. The whole convention segment was great, but having the same actor voice the extras sort of dampened the enjoyment factor. Thankfully Tsukasa’s predictable first-timer eagerness was pretty adorable. And then we came to the scene that killed the mood for me.


Poor thing, she must know we’re coming to the worst part of the show.

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