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More Genshiken goodness

Genshiken is one of the few animes and manga that I really liked and rewatch the dvds and actually hang onto the manga. I even liked the OP and ED songs when I usually ignore or loathe them. I was disappointed when I heard that instead of a second season, they were giving Kujibiki Unbalance its own season. Earlier today I was perusing Anime News Network and noticed the news that Genshiken OAVs will be released.

Heading over to Heisei Democracy, I found more information. The OAVs will be tacked onto the Kujibiki dvds, one Genshiken OAV per dvd for a total of three episodes. The same cast will provide the vocals and Ogiue will be introduced. The first Kujibiki Unbalance dvd will be released on December 22nd in Japan. That being said, it’ll be along wait for it to be released here in the States. Well, at least we get a few more episodes.

Kujibiki Unbalance is on my to watch list, but I’ve got a strong bias against it because I’m such a Genshiken fanboy. I’ll probably watch the entire run since I haven’t found anything on tv that peaks my interest.

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