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Kanon Ep 2

This weeks airing starts with a view of snow falling (wouldn’t be Kanon if there wasn’t snow falling now would it?) outside of a window. A girl’s voice claims that she’s in a dream. In fact, she’s in the same dream with the same scenery again and again. She makes a wish that the next time she opens her eyes, the scenery will be different. After the show’s opening scenes of the Girls of Kanon with slowly moving hair in the wind, we see Yuuichi sleeping in bed. He hears Nayuki’s voice saying “Good Morning. Let’s eat breakfast and go to school”. He soon realizes that her voice is coming from the alarm clock that he borrowed. He then hears loud noise coming from Nayuki’s room. He bangs on her door and then enters. The noise is all of Nayuki’s alarm clocks going off at the same time. Quickly shutting them off, he has to shake Nayuki awake.

At breakfast, Nayuki asks why Yuuichi is eating toast dry, without any jam/jelly on it. He explains that he doesn’t like sweet things like jam. Akiko, Nayuki’s mother, hears this and says that she makes jam that it sweet. Hearing this, Nayuki bolts from the table, saying she has full and has to finish getting ready for school. Bringing out a jar of glowing yellow jam, Akiko spreads some on a piece of toast for Yuuichi. He starts to eat it and has a reaction to it. Asking what kind of jam it is, Akiko says its a secret. Being polite, he says the jam has an original taste to it. Nayuki returns saying its time to go. Akiko asks Yuuichi if he can stop at the store on the way home to buy some ingredients for oden that she wants to make for dinner. As they walk to school, Yuuichi asks Nayuki what kind of did of jam Akiko make. She doesn’t know and warns him to be prepared for the unexpected.

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On the way the stop in walking and Nayuki asks if Yuuichi remembers the area of houses that they’re in. He doesn’t and isn’t concerned by not remembering. She encourages him to remember and says that if there is someone out there who wants him to remember, then he should make the effort. Realizing that they’re going to be late on his first day at school, they run, barely making it in time. In the hallway he’s panting for breath and asks her why she isn’t. Nayuki reminds him that she’s the Captain of the track team. After making his introduction to the class, the teacher lets Yuuichi sit next to Nayuki, Kaori and Kitagawa. Nayuki is claearly happy that Yuuichi is in the same class and at the seat next to hers. Kaori tells Yuuichi that his introduction was very normal. Yuuichi responds that if there were any introductions that weren’t normal he’d like to see them.

With school over, Kaori asks Nayuki if she’s got a club meeting. Kitagawa asks Kaori if she wants to go somewhere with him, but she ignores him telling Nayuki that she has a club meeting too. As she leaves, Kitagawa runs after Kaori, telling her that he’ll wait for her. Yuuichi asks Nayuki not to tell anyone that he’s living at her house as it might cause some nasty rumors. She tells him that she’s already told people. She jokingly runs away from him. As she’s running down the stairs, she slips and crashes into Mai and Sayuri, two seniors. Yuuichi tells Nayuki that he’s going to explore the school before going home. Nayuki points out the school is big and cautions him not to get lost. He gets lost. After getting lost and finding the computer lab, library and an art room with a naked male model, Yuuichi runs into Kaori. We here him say that as he turns around, Kaori is standing in front of him. Kaori asks why he’s narrating the scene and it becomes clear that this isn’t his normal internal narration. As they walk through the school, Kaori tells him that she thinks that he’s a spy. Yuuichi tells her that he’s an ordinary transfer student. She points out that he could’ve asked for directions from someone. Yuuichi claims that he’d still get lost because of all of the corners and non descript hallways. Kaori laughs telling him that he’s exactly how Nayuki described. She also tells him that Nayuki looked the happiest that Kaori’s ever seen her when Yuuichi joined the class. As they get to the school gates, Kaori calls him melodramatic and realizes that Kitagawa was waiting for her. She shrugs off that thought and tells Yuuichi good-bye and heads home. Yuuichi tells himself that she’s a very cool girl.

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Downtown, Yuuichi is thinking about shopping for the oden ingredients when he hears Ayu’s voice shouting to get out of the way. Turning around, he sees Ayu running right at him. Telling her to move to the side that she hold uses chopsticks with and he’ll jump to the side that uses chopsticks, they’ll both avoid colliding with each other. They both jump to the same side and collide with each other, only Ayu is the one getting knocked to the ground this time. She tells him that she’s left-handed. Getting up, she grabs him and the start running again. Yuuichi realizes that she stole more taiyaki again. They wind up running into a park that niether recognize. Yuucihi complains that all he’s been doing since he came back to the city was running. He asks Ayu why she stole more taiyaki. She tells him that she forgot her purse again and was frightened by the taiyaki seller again. Because she was scared, she ran away with the taiyaki again. As they walk through the park, both are eating the taiyaki. Yuuichi explains that they’ll have to go back to the taiyaki seller and apologize. Again.

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They both realize that they’re lost since they were just walking with each other. Yuuichi tells here that since she’s a local and doesn’t know the area, how can she expect him to know the area since he’s just moved back. Ayu recognizes him as the boy that she used to play with when they were little. She tells him that and claims that he moved back, just like he promised. Hearing this, Yuuichi also recognizes Ayu as the little girl he used to play with. Ayu closes her eyes and runs toward Yuuichi who jumps out of the way. Ayu runs smack into a tree. Yuuichi apologizes for jumping out of the way. As Ayu is crying, they hear a shout. Turning around, they see that a younger girl had been knocked down to the ground from the snow that fell from the tree that Ayu ran into. They go over to her and see to if she’s alright. Yuuichi blames the accident on Ayu running into the tree. Ayu blames Yuuichi for jumping out of the way. It was supposed to be a dramatic reunion moment and that she’s not the bad guy that he’s making her out to be. Yuuichi claims that Ayu has scared the girl speechless. He helps her up and starts to help pick up her groceries. He implies that trustworthy. Ayu who reacts to this jab and claims that she’s trustworthy too. Yuichi then says she shouldn’t have stolen the taiyaki.

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As the three walk in the park, Ayu notices that the girl bought a lot of groceries. The girl explains that she doesn’t get out much so she buys in bulk. Yuuichi uses this moment as another excuse to tease Ayu about the taiyaki. Ayu thinks that Yuichi is intentionally trying to make her look like a bad guy. Ayu claims that she’s a good girl but Yuuichi stills says that a good girl wouldn’t steal taiyaki. Ayu remembers that Yuuichi was this sarcastic when they were younger. She claims that its destiny that brought them back together and he says its bad luck that chained them together. Ayu asks the girl whayt grade she’s in . She tells them that shes a freshman. Ayu mention that the girl is a year younger than she is. Yuuichi is surprised to hear that Ayu the same age that he is. The group reaches a fork in the path and the girl tells them that her house in down the other path. As she’s leaving, Yuuichi stops her and begs her to tell them how to get out of the park.

After Ayu and Yuichi are out of the park, the pay and apologize to the taiyaki seller, again. After they leave the taiyaki stand, Ayu wants to meet again. Yuuichi agrees. Ayu pinky swear like they used to as a kid. She starts to pull the glove off of her left hand, but stops and pulls off the glove on her right hand instead. After they pinky swear, she runs off. Yuuichi shouts at her, wanting to know how to contact her, but doens’t get an answer. He then walks into the grocery store to go shopping for Akikio’s dinner. As he walks out of the store, a figure in a blanket jumps in front of him. The figure declares that it finally found him and that it’ll never forgive him. It then pulls the blanket off, revealing that its a young girl under the blanket. Yuuichi is surprised by this and says that he doesn’t remember angering causing anyone to have a grudge against him. The girl says she has a grudge against him and takes a swing at him with her fist. She starts hitting Yuuichi, but since her punches are so weak and feeble, they don’t hurt him. Yuuichi sarcastically asks if she can try harder, but she says she’s so hungry that she’s weak. She starts to walk towards him, but trips and collapses to the ground.

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I enjoyed this episode, but that’s not really a surprise. There was a lot of humor in this episode starting with Nayuki’s alarms clocks, her reaction to her mother’s jam, Kaori and Yuuichi comments about his class introduction, Kaori nonchalantly blowing off a waiting Kitagawa, and the scenes with Ayu of course. This episode’s given us a questions already. A fe blogs have mentioned that neither Ayu nor the girl they knocked over in the park have were seen at the school. And obviously, the girl who attacked Yuuichi and her grudge are mystireies. But I also noticed that while Ayu said she was left-handed, she used her right hand to pinky swear with Yuuichi. We see her start to pull off the glove on her left hand, but stops and then pulls off her right hand glove. I think that’s the bigger issue and should come into play later in the series.

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