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Second Season of Haruhi Suzumiya

According to
Kurogane’s Anime Blog and Anime on my Mind, there’s going to be second season of Haruhi and her merry mayhem. Woohoo!

….Yare yare …

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  1. chocolatefactory November 11th, 2006 10:12 pm

    Oh my god!
    Yey もう一度.

  2. Luigi November 12th, 2006 1:47 pm

    haha, can’t wait for the second season, the first was very entertaining.

  3. xoiea December 2nd, 2006 8:58 am

    oh man just finished reading volume 4 “The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi” and it was incredible, sugoi!!! and now rumors say that it has a possibility that it would be the main arc of few episodes.. damn! now i’m drooling(foaming) with anticipation. (creepy).
    Oh Kamisama .onegai!!! please be true!

  4. Miaka September 12th, 2007 4:21 pm

    nope, there’s not gonna be a season 2 of TMOHS, sorry, It’s just a fake report(no,I don’t spoil things)

  5. guio January 12th, 2008 7:03 am

    there is

    yea the book 4 was thre best