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Kanon 14 - You make Sayuri cry

This show still surprises me, giving Sayuri a background story when in reality, she’s a secondary character. But given this story arc, I suppose its safe to call her a main character. And given the major event is this episode, even though I knew what was coming, it sure took me by surprise. At least the length to which they went. That was brutal. First they take Makoto away and now they put Sayrui through all kinds of grief (Who do they think she is? Sato from the NHK?)

Huh, I thought this was supposed to happen to another character

Is there anyway I can blame Yuuichi for this? Or even the class president.

This show is crueler to its characters than Welcome to the NHK ever was to Sato. You expected Sato to get wrung through the wringer. He had “target” written all over him.* But with the likes of Nayuki and Akiko’s jam, Makoto and her abandonment, Shiori’s “illness” (which undoubtedly is affecting Karoi), Mai and Sayrui (and those of us in the Sayrui fanclub, next meeting at 7:00pm this Wednesday. Roger promised to bring cookies), and now its not so hard to believe that Ayu’s story is going to be be an equivilant** to a keel-hauling in the open seas with full sails.

And I love it all because KyoAni does it so well and detailed. Its like a gold bar wrapped in a lemon peel, stuffed inside the fluffiest pillow. Looks soft and inviting and hurts like Hell when your head gets slammed into it. And yet, that lemon-fresh smell makes the pain so enjoyable.

Thank you Sayuri, for laughing at that last paragraph.

Its becoming clear that Mai knew Yuuichi when they were children and when he left is probably when she become withdrawn. Interesting juxtaposition(?) between Sayuri and Mai as children. Based on the OP and Sayrui’s back story, when Mai was a child she was undoubtedly a energetic outgoing child while Sayuri was the serious one.

* Confession time here, I enjoyed the torment that Sato went through. It just seemed so enjoyably appropriate. I’m a bad, bad man.

**I love the Firefox web browser but I’m starting to hate its spell check. I misspelled “equivalent” and the spell check offers up “vigilante”, “vigilantly”, and other variations of vigilant. Pikyuuugu

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  1. Danny January 11th, 2007 3:31 am

    aww man Sayuri crying made me cry :-(

  2. Skane January 11th, 2007 7:47 am

    Hang on tight, we’re only about halfway there. :p


  3. badger11 January 11th, 2007 3:40 pm

    @ Danny,
    Well, its Sayuri, you wouldn’t expect something like that from her, but I also got a little teary-eyed also
    @ Skane,
    I know, we’ve got the arcs for Shiori and Kaori, Nayuki, and Ayu left. Oh hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if there was an Akikio arc thrown in…well, ok, I would be surprised but I’m expecting a few curve balls.