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SHUFFLE! Memories Ep 1

I don’t remember the first round of this show (but then I don’t remember what happened last week either, yare yare). More than likely I watched the first episode and said “Fail”. Either that or I was in a “You can’t beat the greatness of Honey and Clover” mode. If I had known paid attention to the fact that Tomokazu Sugita was in both shows, I would’ve watched just to compare them both. So I figure that I’ll watch this version since I’ve dropped Code Geass and I’m looking for a fluffy cotton candy type show. Plus, it has the Asahina moe-ness, Otobuko Ichiko of in the form of Yuko Goto.

Hmmmm, I’m sensing a theme here. In the Melancholy of Haruhi, something happened three years ago. In Kanon, something happened seven years ago. In Shuffle Memories, something happened 10 years ago. What’s the connection? Ah ha! Tomokazu Sugita. When ever he appears, something happened X number of years ago. He must be stopped before its too late!

Ahem. So, getting back to the show. I had hoped that Kanon would be the fluffy show of the season and boy was I wrong. So I’m hoping that this one this one will fit the bill. But based on my track record, I could be wrong. So, what’s the about? Well, A guy and a lot of different potential romantic interests. Or, if a pictures is worth a thousand words, then here’s 3000 words worth.

I’ll probably watch this show for Yuko and Tomokazu because I’ve liked their work. And for the potential moe fluffiness factor

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