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Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

These two so need their own show

Kei and Michiko need their own show. Now. Like others, I don’t care (too much) about Mizuho’s gender. So when I finally decided to check out this show, I got hooked. At first, it was the question of “Is he or is she?” and then it was the “Will we find get an answer” question. Oh to hell with the questions. it was just an enjoyable show. Basically, I think its a good show about being comfortable in our own skin and being who we are. As Mariya points out, Mizuho has always been open and honest. So, maybe that’s a way of looking at the show (and totally sidestepping the threat to my masculinity).

At first, I wasn’t really satisfied with the ending, no definite answer, no hooking up with Shion (I like Takao, but I’m not really a fan of the Romeo and Juliet type endings. And we know how Romeo and Juliet ends). If not Shion, then Mariya, because childhood friend endings are great (must stop watching Genshiken over and over again). Well, the more I think about it, its probably not a bad way to end things, leaves open the possibility of a second season. But I suppose they’ll wrap things up on the rumored DVD episode. As long as its a Shion ending. And Ichiko needs to go with Mizuho or move on.

Dammit, I want a Shion ending. And boy howdy, Mizuho does look good in a kimono

If not Shion, Than a Maria ending

And Ichiko has to go with Mizuho or move on

This is would be an interesting show

Did I mention that Michiko and Kei need their own show?

Because they do

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  1. Esty June 26th, 2007 1:44 pm

    I must say you have taste in pairings, i like Mizuho x Shion to, well… the DVD thing was nothing really… but i read somehwere that theres gonna be a second series.

    hopefully like you said Michiko and Kei will get their own show, and every single other girl will fall for him to, but who will he choose? and that is IF he goes off with somebody that is.

    but hey its a shojou, shojou always/mostly have couples in them.

  2. badger11 June 26th, 2007 5:30 pm

    I’d love to see second series, I really liked the characters here. I suppose that’s the real appeal of the show is to see if Mizuho does wind up with somebody (hoping for Shion)