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Kanon Ep16

I love it when I get completely engrossed in this show. Its always a surprise when the closing song starts. Its nice that KyoAni took the time to do a nice wrap-up with the visit to Mai and Sayuri in the hospital. I suppose this will be the last that we see of them until the end of the series (look how fast they dropped Amano at the end of the Makoto’s story). It also provided a nice segway into Shirori’s story. In a way, her can be seen as a continuation of Sayuri’s story about her younger brother. Where Shirori grew, he died. If he had lived, would Sayuri by the person she is in the show? Or would Sayuri be like Kaori, trying to protect herself from the pain when he finally died? However, Sayuri did spend time with her sickly younger brother, but that was as a child. Would she have that delightful laugh that we (ok, ok, I) love?

How can anyone not love her?

It can be easy to dislike Kaori for not acknowledging Shiori as her sister. For being cold-hearted and distant. Based on the preview clips for next week’s show, she could be claimed as the catalyst for something big, despite her breakdown in this week’s episode. It just shows that condition’s like Shiori’s can easily have more victims than just the patient. We all know that Kaori, and she basically admits it, is acting this way to protect herself from the pain of the inevitable (according to the doctor). And as we saw, even acting in that manner has its limits. Knowing (somehow) that Yuuichi spent a day of fun with Shiori (probably something that the doctor would never approve of) probably was the breaking point for Kaori.

Things like going to an arcade or a park are probably things that Kaori would never be allowed to do with Shiori. Given the fact that Shiori has had a lifetime of being like this, its more than likely that the two of them never did things like this if at all. So its not surprising that Shiori’s dream is to go to school with her sister or that her first meeting with Yuuichi and Ayu is a find memory for her.I found that particular memory for Shiori to be amusing, but it shouldn’t considering that the town seems to be a town of memories, not just Yuuichi’s lost memories, but there’s the doctor’s reaction to Ayu. This is a mysterious town indeed.

Its the memory of Ayu’s mother that drove her reaction to Akiko’s cold. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a family member should have a sickness/dire thing happening to her, but to be honest, I didn’t think it would happen this early and I thought it would be Ayu. Of course, we’ve still got a few more episodes before the end of the show. And since this town is so damn mysterious, who knows what can happen. Shiori will probably turn into a fox or a raccoon. And its all a dream that Nayuki is having while she waits for her cousin who is late picking her up from the train station.

Is it just me, or does Mai look a lot like grown-up

Asahina Mikuru?

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