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Venus Versus Virus Ep 2 and 3

This is a plot development that I’m looking forward to.

Sometimes having a show start with its character already established is a nice change. I think it works here in v3. Granted, we pretty much know that Sumire is the new member of the team and its through her that we, basically, are “learn” about her worlds (the “normal” and the virus-laden). There really isn’t nothing all that new about v3, but then, eventually everything seems to become a variation on a theme, after all, how many CSI-Law and Order spin-offs and knock-offs have there been? But so far, I like what I’ve seen. I like the artwork of the show and I like the potential story elements that Sumire can have when she goes into berserker mode. And I’m a sucker for most goth girls and twin tails in general. Not to mention the tsundere types. And I like that the show doesn’t rely on dark backgrounds to try and evoke some sort of “moody” atmosphere. I’ll admit that it should be too early to make a decision about this show since only three episodes have aired, but I think it’ll be one that I enjoy.

With only three episodes under its belt, we’ve seen some limited character “development” that was pretty much predicated from the first episode. Sumire is awkward being with her new partner and the new world that she’s been thrown in. Then there’s the Jekyll-like abilities she has. Through flashbacks in the second episode we see that she’s basically accepted who and what she is when she has to fight a virus by herself. Through poor marksmanship, she has to resort to transforming into her anti-virus berserker mode and ends up going after Lucia. Then there’s the potential storyline that Sumire has with Yoshiki the playground book pusher. I’d like to see something to the effect of Yoshiki joining up with the others, but acting as some sort of control for berserker Sumire, a conduit to the “normal” world. I’m a little tired of shows that try to create conflict/tension/drama by keeping identities separate. They seem to either end with break-ups or episodes where the secret identity is discovered and rapidly accepted. In a few episodes whatever tension that was previously built-up is then ended. Those types of episodes irk me to no end.

In the third episode, we see that Lucia isn’t completely cold-hearted, that she’s capable of being somewhat “tender” and I can only hope that the show continues to develop her more. Interestingly enough, the character development in this episode was that of virus victims. In this episode, a brother and sister become the victims of a virus when the sister is taken over by one. In the final confrontation, there is still a strong enough bond between the two that we see the sister for a few moments recognize her brother. Its nice (and was bound to happen) to see a nice touch like this.

Nice way to introduce new storylines

One aspect of the show that I like, as minor as it is, is the ability of people who can see viruses to be able to read certain text on the brochure for the store. I can’t remember any other show using a element like this, but I could be wrong. Its a nice detail that’s incorporated into the story.

Twin-tailed goth girls with guns, just lovely.
Not lovely

While a show generates a lot of questions, at least in this early stage), there are two that I’m most curious to see incorporated into the story. There’s the standard mysterious cabal that we saw near the end of the first episode, buy I know that’ll come soon enough, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoshiki was part of it. I hope they won’t go that route, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the did. The second question that I really want to see addressed, is the involvement of the legal authorities. At some point, there has to be questions raised about two girls going around firing off guns (and how the Hell didn’t anyone notice Sumire shooting her gun in the second episode?). Not to mention the increasing count of people who will disappear in a show like this.

Blushing twin-tailed goth girls with guns, even more lovely.

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  1. j.valdez February 1st, 2007 2:38 am

    I’m not disappointed with v3, mostly because I didn’t have any expectations. I agree, the show benefits from simply jumping into the action rather than taking a long winded character development arc (characters are established).

    On the other hand, that could mean that they don’t intend to really develop the characters in any substantial way. Basically, if this thing turns into “virus of the day” wash…gerrr.

    BTW. . . I was right, about the eye-patch that is. No?

  2. Inochi February 1st, 2007 3:39 am

    Alas. I’m losing interest in this show too. I want more plot! Where’s my big-handsome-bad-guy or something?!

    And yeah, I also found it weird how come nobody noticed a high school girl running around the school compounds with a gun. What a loophole. And surely that big fight between Sumire and the virus in ep 2 at the top level attracted some attention?

  3. badger11 February 1st, 2007 9:41 am

    @ j.valdez
    I think the next episode will show us how the two met up. And I feel the same way, I hope they develop the characters more and that it doesn’t turn into a virus of the day type of show either. This show has some good potential.

    And yep, the eye patch is definitely moe-totic :)

    I agree, I want more plot and the show has potential there. I’m sure that they’ll introduce your handsome bad guy, remember those mysterious people at the end of episode 1? But then I’m kinda smitten with Lucia, so I’m already satisifed ;)