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Kanon Ep18

I actually find her cuter than Shiori
Cute, but not as cute as her classmate

So episode 18 finishes up Shiori’s arc. This was underwhelming when compared to the emotional ending of Makoto’s story and not action-packed or emotional as Mai and Sayuri’s story. I know, I know, different girl, different story, an yet…another girl we don’t see again (at least until the ending, I’d be surprised if KyoAni didn’t do a review of sorts). It was a nice touch to see that Shiori was the one to intentionally leave, undoubtedly thinking that it would be easier to stop seeing each other right then and make the pain less for Yuuichi. Wiping the slate clean for Yuuichi to move on.

Is it bad that I actually find her cuter than Shiori?

Oh, and she needs her own show

This has been the best reaction in the show so far.

In Shiori’s arc, they’ve talked about miracles often. And I think its safe to say that Kaori and Shiori reuniting is the miracle. And in a city of mysteries, I wouldn’t be surprised if miracles happen more often than not. And since it’s a city if mysteries, and a miracle just happened, who knows if this episode is really the end. There’s not a lot to be said about this episode, other than it wasn’t as bad or as melodramatic as I thought it would be.

She needs her own show.
After the second season of Haruhi.
And after Amano’s.
Scratch that, air the two simultaneously.
Did I mention that she’s cuter than Shiori?
Because she is.

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