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After reading about this live-action show, I finally got around to checking it out. And I’m glad I did. There’s a great enthusiasm and sense of humor that comes from the show. There’s also two otaku-esque reasons: Akira the combat waitress and the bad guy dresses like Char (not all of the time). The only thing that would make this show better is if someone dressed up as Goto or Kanuka. Even Ota would’ve been great.

Page the leader
Akira, combat waitress

The only live-action that I’ve watched was Nodame Cantabile. Unfortunately for me, Nodame wasn’t subbed when it recently aired on the only station in my area that runs any Japanese shows (what’s up with only airing them on Saturday and Sunday nights?). And since I don’t understand Japanese, I was only getting very little from it. Thanks to Garten for posting episode write-ups I was able to allow the story. Even if I didn’t read the write-ups, Nodame was a damn sight better than most of the shows out there now. Including the 16,361 CSI/Law and Order spin-offs and rip-offs. But not as amusing as talking to the local Raider Nation representative down the street.

Box the obsessive
Taiko the freezer

The show centers on a group who are introduced to each other by Yui, who runs a website and chatroom for those who don’t fit into society. We first meet Page, who has severe speech impediment, box who has a obsessive cleanliness disorder and gynopobia, Taiko who freezes when he sees strobe or flashing lights, and Akira the combat waitress (hey, she works in a maid cafe and is a prize fighter). These characters are all pretty much described as otakus…well, not Akira. All of the characters somehow find their way to Yui’s chatroom where she tries to help them overcome their phobias and get back into society. She introduces Page, Box and Taiko, and Akira to each other, knowing that they can work and help each other.

the badguy as Char
Hey! Wrong show?

The team does work together to fight off a gang who have been doing otaku hunting in Akiba. This gang goes around video taping the assaults they do on otakus. They even take it further by attacking one of Akira’s coworkers. The end is rather wild, but I was a little disappointed in it. If this was a normal network show in here, then there’d be some huge overly dramatic montage of the team using there skills to set up traps. They’d probably not include a seen were the group geeks out over canned oden.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this show. I like the sense of humor from the show. It seems like an honest effort by the actors to have their characters accept theirs and everyone else’s problems and quirks and work as group.

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