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Hataraki Man Ep 6

Pretty much another enjoyable episode. At the start of this episode, Hiro is getting ready for a business trip to Osaka when Shinji mentions plans for a wedding. Hiro freaks out and it isn’t until later on the train does she realize that he was talking about the wedding of a friend. Back at the office she finds out that a coworker, Yumi, is getting married. Yumi is pretty much considered the office flirt. Mayu mentions that the gossip has it that Yumi’s finance left his girlfriend of eight years to be with Yumi.

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Yumi also happens to be the only female reporter out of a small group of reporters that a popular baseball player will talk to. A senior coworker, Doujima, pretty mouths off that she must have slept with him to get that close. He goes on to mention that its easy for women to get choice assignments by sleeping around. Hiro loses control and confronts him and pretty much implies that he’s incompetent. His incompetence is the reason why he never gets anything published.

Hiro later asks Yumi if she help get Hiro get an interview with the baseball player. Because Hiro doesn’t take the time to clarify what the article is about, the player rejects the interview. It isn’t until she over hears a conversation between Yumi and Doujima that she understands why. Her proposal for the article was to detailed. The baseball player was too busy for to actually read the multi-page proposal. Because of this she figures out that she needs to tailor her proposal to a specific audience, the busy baseball player.

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Hiro so needs Suigintou’s black wings here

In all of the places I’ve ever worked the sort of remarks made by Doujima out loud in the open could bring out the ninjas from the legal department. I had a lawyer once tell me that nearly a quarter of the executives suddenly retiring were forced out because they got caught. Sometimes, I really wonder why what is wrong with people. How stupid do they get?

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Mirroring the opening, Hiro catches the wedding bouquet at Yuni’s wedding. This episode turns out be a learning experience for Hiro, not because of the having to deal with the fall out from her confrontation with Doujima or even an ungrateful Yumi. Its that even as an experienced editor she learned something new. That there are certain types of audiences out there. This show just so damn enjoyable.

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