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Nodame Cantabile Ep 4

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Stresman spies on Mine and Masumi, selecting them for his orchestra.

This show is turning out to be quite the little gem of the season for me. Granted, there hasn’t been much in the way of storyline until now. The episodes so far have focused on introducing the main characters. On the surface, this episode isn’t really any different from the previous three, introducing us to von Streseman, the new head of the conducting department that Chiaki wants to transfer into. Streseman is appears to be the show’s antagonist, setting Streseman against Chiaki.

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There appears to be nothing respectful or even redeemable about Streseman. Chiaki has to lie to Nodame to get her out of Stresemans paws when Streseman lays on the innuendo at their first meeting. And we come to find out that pretty much how he operates. The man is a leach. and Chiaki muses on how such a man could’ve conducted a Mahler symphony that Chiaki likes. Its interesting that sometimes those talented people that we like have such a baser element to them. We build up images in our minds as what these people should be, based on their work and usually nothing else. This realization stuns Chiaki, but in order to achieve his goal, that’s a swamp he’s willing to go through.

Unfortunately for Chiaki, Streseman holds a grudge against Chaiki’s hero and Streseman’s rival. Because of this grudge, Streseman, as head of the conducting department, won’t let Chiaki transfer. Even with an appeal by Chiaki about learning from someone with Streseman’s talent, etc. doesn’t work. I have to wonder if Chiaki hadn’t thrown Streseman out of his apartment or let Nodame leave with, would he still be unable to transfer into Stresman’s prgoram? I think the answer is a resounding yes. The fact that Streseman hold a grudge against Viera, Chiaki’s hero would still get cause Streseman to deny him the transfer. No amount of pleading would allow Chiaki to transfer.

Streseman shuts him down, much to Nodame’s relief. Poor Nodame, the guy she wants won’t have anything to do with her, and now she has to work for Streseman on his orchestra as a mascot. She’s a talented pianist in a symphony that has no piano and having to deal with Streseman. Its such a waste of a talent. I’m hoping that the show doesn’t stop showing her progression as a pianist. I’m hoping that we can see more of Nodame and the others in the jazz band they put together in the last episode.

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It looks like Streseman gets a little payback from someone for his smarmy ways in the next episode. I suppose that the unredeemable Streseman won’t change his ways, much. He’ll undoubtedly continue to be an antagonist, but a encouraging and challenging instructor to Chiaki. And with the introduction of Streseman in this episode, I expect that the we’ll start seeing the story start gaining momentum.

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