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SHUFFLE! Memories Ep 6

This episode covers Primula’s introduction and I think we’ll start seeing the remaining episodes resolves the stories of all of the girls and Rin. I actually found myself saying “kawaii desu ne”* several times. Well, that whole silent girl in rain routine was cute. I had a good laugh at the exchange that Rin and Itsuki had in the beginning.

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So obviously we’re presented with a mystery in the beginning of this episode. Who is Primula, we’d she come from (year, I figured that out already), and why did she come looking for Rin? To further the mystery, just what isn’t Ama telling Rin about Primula. More importantly, why doesn’t Forbesii go into more detail about why she left the demon world and what makes her special? I suppose I’ll just blame it on the editing this time around.

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Aww, kawaii desu ne*

Based on the flashback scene when Primula first gets her stuffed toy cat, it looks like she pretty much had a isolated childhood. The room she’s in doesn’t appear to have anything other than some building blocks. So my guess is that she hasn’t had much contact with anyone which explains why she’s the silent type in this show. I’m also guessing that one of the few people she had contact with is “Nerine” after Nerine met Rin.

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I’ve mentioned before that the one thing that annoys me about the show are those fanclubs dedicated to Kaede, Sia, and Nerine. And that annoyance carries over to the snide remarks made Rin’s classmates. There’s jealousy and pretty much useless jealousy. As with the clubs, the remarks don’t really seem to add anything to the story. It would have been better if the producers left them out. And I can understand Rin hanging around with girls who like him as opposed to unneeded angsty characters. During the scene with Primula in the classroom, I kept thinking that the show would be better if the jealous classmates wore red shirts and that this was an episode of the original Star Trek. Why? With the exception of Scotty, any poor dumb crew member who wore a read shirt always wound up dead. So I can understand Rin wanting to be with cute girls who like him…ok, are attracted to him.

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And shopping with the girls makes me think that Rin pulled the red shirt duty for the show. I’ve made a hard and fast rule that I never go shopping with the girl(s). I don’t have the patience for it. When I go shopping, its a planned, tactical raid. In for a shirt and out as fast as possible. No browsing, no looking for something I don’t need (That’s for the bookstore, the electronics store, and Home Depot).

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“kawaii desu ne”*

I think this episode should have come before Sia’s episode since there was a bigger plot development there than in this one. Excluding the unnecessary story elements, this wasn’t a bad episode. Its interesting how the fanclubs and the snide remarks really hold this show back from being a very enjoyable show. I haven’t seen the original run, and this one appears to be shorter. But I like it. I really liked the ending take off of Alice in Wonderland. And I have to admire Primula’s determination and skill in building sandcastles.

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Lens flare - only in anime and video games.
The bane of every professional photographer I’ve ever met.

* I’m sure my Japanese instructor will probably keel as I yet again butcher the language.

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