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Akihabara@DEEP 4

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Hey, wow, Taiko falls in love. Hard in love. The team gets lead to a plaza in Akihabara where a group calling itself Shuyuukai (Commitee of Concern for Akiba’s Future) and lead by Akada Shunichiro. Akada starts to deliver a speech concerning who being a withdrawn otaku is wrong. As he’s delivering his speech, an all-girl band interrupts his speech with their particular brand of emo death punk music. Akada tries to appeal to the band to let him finish. Kaira, the leader of the band ignores his please of gaining understanding through talking, Akada’s group is forced to back down. As the band plays, Taiko becomes attracted to Kaira as she sings.

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Back in the office, Page, Box and Daruma are talking about how out of it Taiko is. They fear that he may have fallen in “love”. It isn’t until Izumu asks Taiko directly that he shows any signs of life. At first he denies it but suddenly runs out of the office. The group starts to wonder if he really is in love. As they look for him, they spot Nakagomi Takeshi, a billionaire leader of Japan’s I.T. industry (and unknown to them of course, the bad guy of the show). Leaving the group, we follow Nakagomi into his office where he is surprised to find Akada and his group waiting for Nakagomi. Akada wants Nakagomi’s financial support in his effort to turn “Akihabara into a livelier place“. He also admits that he wants Nakagomi’s backing so that he can enter the next governmental elections. Nakagomi decides to consider his proposals.

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As the group looks for Taiko, he’s talking with a girl that he met in a game arcade. Taiko buys her a drink and and as she’s drinking, he notices a pendant she’s wearing. He has a flashback to the time when he saw Masochist Girls singing. The memory shows a close-up shot of the singer’s pendant which Taiko recognizes as the same one. He realizes that this girl is Kaira, the lead singer of the band. As Taiko and Kaira spend time together, they’re being spied on by the rest of the @DEEP team. The team needs Taiko back in the office as the ring tones and music he makes are a source of income for Akihabara@DEEP. The team interrupts Taiko’s date with Kaira. As they’re talking Kaira gets a phone call and changes into her band persona and heads off. Everyone follows her back to the plaza where Akada and his group are handing out flyers. Kaira’s band confronts Akada again with another concert, this time drawing in an even bigger crowd of fans as well as having Taiko fall deeper in love with her.

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The team is in the office, watching the confrontation between Akada’s group and Kaira’s band and fans. Taiko wants to contact her but doesn’t know how when he gets a letter from Kaira inviting him to her next concert. At the concert, the is surprised by the fan turnout and watch as Kaira declares war on Akada. Kaira also calls Taikio up onto the stage where he joins the girls in the concert. A few days after the concert. the Masochist Girls fame starts to rise in Akihabara where fans buy and wear cloaks. Even the customers and waitresses at the cafe that Akira works at are wearing cloaks and goth-like clothing. There’s another confrontation between the two groups, only Kaira now has a larger fan base. The fans start to attack Akada and his group in front of a news team, wrapping him up in bandages and covering him up in mustard and other condiments. The team spots Taiko in the group and Pages runs after him. Taiko tries to explain that he likes Kaira and wants to be with her.

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Taiko hangs around more with Kaira, even writing a song for her band. Taiko finds her pendant on the floor after he lets her hear the song and gets a nasty surprise. At the same time, Izumu has hacked in the website for Akada’s group and finds some incriminating documents about Akada’s real motives. Nakagomi and his assistant also figure out Akada’s plan and everything comes to an end at a major concert.

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