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Kanon 22

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I guess it isn’t a good idea to listen to Lisa Gerrard’s The Mirror Pool before watching this episode. And Mozart’s Requiem. Wow, this was a painful episode to watch. Poor Nayuki, having the only person constant in her life suddenly removed, it’s not surprising that she pretty much just shuts down. And what a prefect time for Yuuichi to remember that he knocked the snow bunny down that she made for him. Even though she told him it was in the past when he apologized, it still isn’t, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked if the snow bunny she made at school reminded him of something. Of course, that’s a minor issue now that Akiko is in the hospital. I’m not really surprised that Akiko wound up injured. Sayuri was also a secondary character and she wound up being attacked. But it was a sudden development and more serious than I thought. I had thought that the illness she had a few episodes back was going to return in a stronger form. I just didn’t expect the car accident. Still, it was painful to watch Nayuki suffer, especially after becoming accustomed to her endearing sleepy and upbeat persona’s.

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While Akiko’s car accident was sudden, I pretty much expected that Ayu was going to fall from the tree. Despite that, it was incredibly painful to watch Ayu fall. KyoAni did a great job with the colors as she fell. They were a great substitute for showing blood as she lay in the snow. For the last few episodes, whenever they had the flashback scenes to Ayu and Yuuichi’s childhood, I was always a little tense when Ayu was in the tree. I was actually more tense after she fell.

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And now we have poor Yuuichi suffering from frostbite in a snowstorm. As he’s lying in the snow wondering if he stopped moving would he join Ayu was another painful movement. You know he’s close to solving the mystery (and well, it is episode 22 after all), I just wanted to shout at him to keep moving. I’m glad they brought back Makoto’s spirit, if even for a few moments. I missed her. And I even got teary eyed. Makoto, Sayuri, and Mai are m top favorites in the show. Now, more than ever I’m looking forward to the end of the show just to have everything wrapped up and to know how the story lines end. That is if Yuuichi can avoid getting plastered by the oncoming car.

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I really did miss Makoto

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