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Kanon 23

I suppose I’m over-analyzing this, but I find it really interesting that the Makoto from the early episodes wanted winter to end and Spring to return while the Makoto in this episode had an all-white room. When I think of Spring, I think of color. And the whiteness of the room reminds me of the snow that blankets the city that the show is in. It also reminds me of the paranoia I have of being a bad guest and dropping food or drinks when I visit someone with white carpets (which caused me to withdraw from the world and adopt a hikikomori lifestyle…just kidding..sorta).

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I was a little surprised with my reaction to this episode. I thought that it was an average episode. I was glad overjoyed that they brought Makoto back in the form of the older Makoto that Yuuichi had a crush on as a child. It wouldn’t have surprised me if the last episode 23’s brief appearance of Makoto at the end was all that we would see of her as the show draws to an end. But credit to KyoAni for going against a normal procedure. And I was glad that they had an appearance by Kaori as she reached out to Nayuki. I was disappointed with the brief shot of Mai and Sayuri at the end, but I suspect that we’ll see more of Mai, Sayuri, and Kaori in episode 24. Oh alright, I hope we also see Shiori as well as her nameless classmate (I still think she’s far more cuter than Shiori). And Amano. Hey, she played a significant part in Makoto’s story (and I still maintain and Amano needs her own show).

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I could have down without the music video, though I did like the rendition of Last Regrets(?). The one line that made me very curious was Ayu’s “Because I’m out of time“. during the Ayu and Yuuichi’s last scene. After her disappearance, I believed that she was a ghost. Now with that line and the “Is my body still warm leads me to yet another conclusion. Which will be resolved in episode 24. I hope.

As I mentioned earlier, I thought this episode was average. And for a show like Kanon, I don’t think that’s not really a surprise. When you;re wrapping up different plot lines, “average” episodes are part and parcel of winding down. It was still an enjoyable episode and with Nayuki and Yuuichi coming to terms at the end was a nice, positive note I wanted more. Oh well. I’m looking forward (as usual) to next week’s episode and seeing if the show will end like I (and others out there) think it will. Or will I be wrong yet again?

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If this was a prime-time ABC/CBS/NBC drama, we probably wouldn’t have those great off-center, long distance shots of Ayu and Yuuichi.

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Oh, and Kaori’s hair flip rocked my world.

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  1. bakavic March 12th, 2007 10:25 am

    Not having watched Kanon 2002, when Ayu told Yuuichi that her last wish was for him to forget her, I thought for a sec that perhaps it was going to be a Nayuki-ending. Alas, it was not to be…

    The insert song rocked too - that and Kaori’s hair-toss ;)

    About the nameless classmate - her flower head-ornament made her look bad…she was quite detailed for a character with less than 5 minutes of total screentime. I’m afraid that KyoAni might actually be nuts enough to have a character design for every character in the show, like how they did for the whole of Kyon’s class in SHnY.

  2. badger11 March 12th, 2007 8:24 pm

    From other blogs I’ve read (and I’m sure you have too), Ayu was pretty much the main candidate.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if KyoAni did have separate character designs. Haha, There’s probably a method to their madness but that’s too much attention to detail for me.