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Akihabara@DEEP Ep 7 - The zombification of Akihabara

There isn’t a whole lot going on in this episode as the team discover that they’re out of money. Most of the money they earn come from ads shown on Akira’s website and a little money from music created by Taiko and Box, it isn’t enough. Their main profit-making venture, acting as “trouble shooters” in Akihabara isn’t making any money at all. In fact, it seems to be costing them money as they’ve had to pay for damages to camera equipment in episode 6. As they’re trying to come up with new ideas, things suddenly go from bad to life-threatening. Not just for them, but for all of Akihabara.

Akira’s idea is to concoct a special energy drink made from all things: from fruit to parsley to Umaibos. The resulting drink turns everyone else off instantly. Daruma’s idea seems to be a cosplay fashion show, featuring the costumes that he made. Taiko and Box’s idea is to start a escort club staffed by the male otakus of Akihabara which also gets turned down by the rest of the team. Izumu and Page’s idea is to turn Izumi into a moe/loli like mascot. Izumu dresses in a school uniform and then a school swimsuit and ends her sentences with “Oniichan. The moe meter does go through the roof here. Unfortunately, she can only wear the clothes for a few minutes. It turns out that her skin is sensitive to the materials.

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Later, Daruma gets violently ill as Akira and Izumu contemplate which Gundam items to sell and the rest of the team try to stop them. As everyone gathers around Daruma to see if they can help. To their surprise, Daruma suddenly turns into a zombie. After a long fight, they manage to get him trapped. They also discover that their mobile phones can’t get any reception, and the TV signal is spotty at best. They stubble across a news broadcast that reports that people in Akihabara are turning into zombies. Izumu manages to get to 2ch on the ‘net and finds a zombie thread there. The advice they find there tells them that the only way to stop a zombie is the classic head shot shown in so many zombie flicks and to drive a stake through their heart (wait, isn’t that supposed to be another monster?). They also find out that their only hope of rescue is to survive until the morning as zombies can’t stand the light. Can our intrepid band of heroes kill the zombie that was once their friend and teammate? Can they survive until the morning and save Akihabara from the zombies?

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