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Manabi Straight! - Achieving the goal

Well, this show was a surprisingly enjoyable one. More humorous than laugh out loud funny, it was a very well done show. It shouldn’t be surprising, really. All of the characters are likable. Even the secondary charaacters like Takako, the slacker teacher and the school’s principal. I think this easily ranks up there as one of my favorites and one that I gets licensed over here.

picture4 picture1
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Lucky Star Ep 6 and 7

image 5 image 1

Why is it that nearly every beautiful/scenic underwater scene seems to always have some Enya/Clannad-like background music? I’m glad to say that I won my first debate about this show. Granted, I’ll be paying a lot for that win in my personal life, but a win is a win. And oh, how I’ll pay - I’ve already been warned. The tendency in the badger’s den, (by certain non-anime viewer who usually derides such entertainment only to watch vapid singing contests…and the occasional animes about high school girls) is to compare this show with Azumanga Daioh. Especially with the trip to the beach from both shows. Take the speed demon of both shows - Yukari from Azumanga and Yui from Luck Star. One is an utter self-centered psychotic and the other isn’t. Then look at their driving skills, Yukari’s car reminded me of an episode of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson drives a Toyota pick-up around Brighton, trying to the destroy the truck. Instead, he nearly destroys Brighton (I hope my truck is just as durable). Yui, well, I’d love to see what she can do in the Mach Five. Then there’s Nanoka, whose a little like Yukari, with a “Party on” attitude…minus Yukari’s tendencies to endanger those around her like that of a Hayward bus driver’s “The next stop is the last stop…and I’m taking you all with me because I’ve finally snapped” glare.

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Akihabra@DEEP Ep 11 - Final

And end to a fun, fun show. Thanks Love Song, for working on this show. In episode 11, Akira wakes up, as a prisoner of Nakagomi. While she confronts Nakagomi, Taiko and Page meet up with other at the hospital where Daruma is recovering at. Much to their surprise, the comatose Daruma is not only awake, but redesigning the nurses uniform into every guy’s fantasy nurse uniform. As they trio talk, Daruma urges them to get back together and to get Yui back. Box and Taiko are surprised by his attitude, pointing out that he was brutally beaten. Daruma explains that something inside of him made him fight, despite being outnumbered and wants them to fight too. They’re overheard by Page, who had come to visit Daruma also.

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picture 2

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Akihabra@DEEP Ep 10

Episode 10 is the second to the last for Akihabara@DEEP and it starts off with the team in a panic as Nakagomi pays a visit to the @DEEP office. He offers them ¥1,000,000 for Yui’s AI. Page and the gang refuse. Despite Nakagomi’s check he also offers them presents, high-end computer parts for Izumu, a guitar for Taiko, figurines for Box, and Rei’s suit from Neon Genesis Evangelion for Daruma. They still refuse. Izumu comes up with the suggestion that Nakagomi should ask Yui’s AI to decide whether to go or to stay since it basically achieved consciousness on it’s own. When he does, Yui flatly refuses, stating that he hasn’t changed at all.

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Akihabara@DEEP Ep 9

The mysterious of the old man from the previous episode gets cleared in this episode. At the end of the last episode, the @DEEP find out that the old man, Hanzawa, is a famous computer pioneer and professor. When this episode starts out, the team members are in the @DEEP office when they get an email from Hanzawa-sensei. In his email, he tells them that 10 years earlier, he was professor and he was the mentor to two of his students. One of his protégés was Nakagomi, the president of Digital Capital (and the bad guy). Surprisingly, the second protégé was Yui-san, the person who brought the team together right before her death. He goes on to tell them that depsite Nakagomi’s standoffish behavior, the only person he trusted and fell in love with was Yui who also fell in love with Nakagomi. Their goal was to start a company in Akihabara after they graduated. They broke up after several arguments about what sort of business the company should be in. Yui wanted it to use the Internet to help the socially awkward and those who couldn’t function well in the real world. Nakagomi wanted it to be a for-profit business and earn as much money as possible.

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Lucky Star Ep 5

It's always the innocent ones
It’s always the innocent looking ones you have to watch out for

I hadn’t really planned to write much more about Lucky Star, but I have to say that this is probably the best episode so far. Not to mention that I’m danger close in becoming a rabid Kagami fanboy. Really. And I’m scared. Kagami’s is pretty much my favorite character out of all of them. Miyuki hasn’t appeared much, so she’s out of contention until we get a lot more of her on a consistent basis. Tsukasa is nice, in a eyes-glazed-over-with-potential-for-menace sort of way. Konata, well, of course she’s likable. But I get the feeling if some guy were to ask her out on a date which happened to fall on the same day of a major game release, well, let’s just say that he’d be standing at their meeting spot with a bouquet of flowers going limp from waiting so long. And somehow, I can’t help but wonder if she’d ever show in up the newspapers about parent leaving their kid in a car as they played video games.

You’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to say “Luke, I am your father”

So that leaves Kagami. Kyon to Konata’s Haruhi. And this episode did a lot to solidify her position as the #1 Lucky Star girl. From the sisterly picking cotton candy of Tsukasa’s nose to the damn cute reaction when the fish swam away to the damn cute teary-eyed reaction when she caught li’l Goldy. I wouldn’t say she’s moe. In fact, I don’t find anything moe about this show. But I still like it. Now, if y’all excuse, time to go build a shrine to Kagmi-sama.

kagami Kagami and Tsukasa

Kagami fishing Kagami's victory

Ack!She’s so…so…moe. I mean cute.

Kagami 1
Yep. She’s a one in a million girl*

* Ah jeez, now I’ve got that song by the Tubes stuck in my head.


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