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Venus Versus Virus Ep 2 and 3

This is a plot development that I’m looking forward to.

Sometimes having a show start with its character already established is a nice change. I think it works here in v3. Granted, we pretty much know that Sumire is the new member of the team and its through her that we, basically, are “learn” about her worlds (the “normal” and the virus-laden). There really isn’t nothing all that new about v3, but then, eventually everything seems to become a variation on a theme, after all, how many CSI-Law and Order spin-offs and knock-offs have there been? But so far, I like what I’ve seen. I like the artwork of the show and I like the potential story elements that Sumire can have when she goes into berserker mode. And I’m a sucker for most goth girls and twin tails in general. Not to mention the tsundere types. And I like that the show doesn’t rely on dark backgrounds to try and evoke some sort of “moody” atmosphere. I’ll admit that it should be too early to make a decision about this show since only three episodes have aired, but I think it’ll be one that I enjoy.

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Hataraki Man Ep 4

Woohoo! My thanks to the subbers for putting out this show! Hiroko and the gang are back. Even though this episode wasn’t primarily focused on Hiro, it was still a great one. The humor in the first half was just dead on. Very little time was spent dealing with the characters in the office, other than the slacker, Kunio and Mayu. The punishment game with Mayu was very enjoyable. That should be standard punishment for nosy co-workers.

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Kanon Ep 17 - Apparently, I’m mean

She’s also hurting.

I suppose this wasn’t really the right episode to introduce Kanon to someone who isn’t familiar with it. The outcome was that I’m mean and heartless. Oh well :). More on that later. There’s nothing really new in terms of the story since we’re in Shiori’s arc, but its still a great show. However, I’ve come to like her more than I did in her earlier appearances. That’s not really surprising since we didn’t see much of Shiori. Read more


Kanon Ep16

I love it when I get completely engrossed in this show. Its always a surprise when the closing song starts. Its nice that KyoAni took the time to do a nice wrap-up with the visit to Mai and Sayuri in the hospital. I suppose this will be the last that we see of them until the end of the series (look how fast they dropped Amano at the end of the Makoto’s story). It also provided a nice segway into Shirori’s story. In a way, her can be seen as a continuation of Sayuri’s story about her younger brother. Where Shirori grew, he died. If he had lived, would Sayuri by the person she is in the show? Or would Sayuri be like Kaori, trying to protect herself from the pain when he finally died? However, Sayuri did spend time with her sickly younger brother, but that was as a child. Would she have that delightful laugh that we (ok, ok, I) love?

How can anyone not love her?

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Nodame Cantabile & Venus versus Virus

Two shows from the new season that I recently watched are Nodame Cantabile and v3. Overall, the first episodes of both shows weren’t bad, but there was really nothing to grab me either. One thing I liked about both shows was the artwork. I just hope that the characters develop to where I can care somewhat about them.

I’ve been watching the live-action version of Nodame on the only station in the air that airs TV shows from various Asian countries, so I have a basic idea of what’s going on. Unfortunately, the show isn’t subbed, so I’m missing a lot. This was one of the reasons why I was looking forward to watching Nodame Cantabile. The drawback is, that I’ve already formed opinions based on the live-action show.

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Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

These two so need their own show

Kei and Michiko need their own show. Now. Like others, I don’t care (too much) about Mizuho’s gender. So when I finally decided to check out this show, I got hooked. At first, it was the question of “Is he or is she?” and then it was the “Will we find get an answer” question. Oh to hell with the questions. it was just an enjoyable show. Basically, I think its a good show about being comfortable in our own skin and being who we are. As Mariya points out, Mizuho has always been open and honest. So, maybe that’s a way of looking at the show (and totally sidestepping the threat to my masculinity).

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